VDS Overview

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a virtualization technology enabling a physical server to be partitioned into virtual machines. Users may use their virtual machines similar to their real servers, from simple O/S installations to applications developments and deployments.

VDS Features

We offer virtual dedicated servers (VDS or VPS) utilizing high-end virtualization technology and servers to bring you the best virtualized environment.

Unlike other providers offering O/S containers or para-virtualization that requires modification in the guest O/S, we offer full virtualization including virtual memory, devices and BIOS. Our VDS brings a you complete isolation so that you may easily migrate your existing applications between your VDS and physical systems. Your applications are unaware of the virtualized environment so they have the ability to execute on the VDS just like they would on a physical system.

What do people use our VDS for?

Customers choose our VDS to serve different purposes including but not limited to:
  • VPN
  • Web Hosting
  • Mail Server
  • Data Replication
  • Development
  • App Hosting
  • Testing
  • File Sharing
  • Backups
  • CDN

VDS Specification & Pricing

Below are the specifications of our VDS. All plans are upgradable and require no migration from one plan to another. If you are looking to order multiple or high performance VDS, consider our cloud service.

Service Plans VDS50G VDS100G
Bandwidth 1 Mbps Dedicated with 10 Mbps Burstable Bandwidth
Hard Drive 50GB 100GB
Memory - RAM 512MB 1GB
CPUs 2 2
IOPs 50 100
Control Panel Optional - DirectAdmin, cPanel, Webmin
IP Address 1 IP Address included
O/S Debian, CentOS, Gentoo, freeBSD, & more.
Hardware Multi-core Processors with Protected Storage Arrays
Monthly Pricing $ASK $ASK

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