Cloud Virtualizer

Cloud Virtualizer is a solution designed for our users requiring dedicated processing power within their own virtualized environment. Each of the Cloud Virtualizer is a server providing you with dedicated processing resources for your virtual machines. Not only that, your virtualizer and virtual machines run on top of our cloud storage platform providing you with true data redundancy. A Management Console is included for you to manage your virtual machines at any time.

Cloud Virtualizer Specification

For a flat monthly fee, you may run Virtual Machines bounded by your system and storage resources. We are always keen to make custom adjustments to suit your taste and requirements.

Cloud Virtualizer Minimum Specification
Pure Cloud Storage 500GB
Memory - RAM 32GB
CPUs Intel / AMD Quad Core Processors
Hard Drives Mirror (for Virtualizer OS drives only)
IP Address 4 IP Addresses
VM Control Panel Optional - DirectAdmin, cPanel
VM O/S Your choice of Operating Systems
including *nix and Windows

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