What's Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is one of the trending technologies. When using cloud services, customers are able to reduce spending and energy consumption whilst maintaining their own set of IT infrastructure.

  • High Availability - higher uptime availability
  • High Performance - speed up processing using group of nodes
  • Scale on Demand - increase capacity and processing when needed

Our Cloud Service

With our cloud computing, we have collected users opinions, met the standards as well as running stress and drill tests. We have invited users to test-drive our service and compare with their current providers to ensure we are well above standards.

Based on benchmarks submitted by cloud users using other providers, our cloud service is able to deliver over quadruple times in performance gain above our competitors!

The secret behind our cloud are the group of robust cloud layers and our top-edge technologies.

Cloud Virtualization Layer

Our virtualization layer consists of a mixed of powerful hypervisors. Multiple hypervisors are able to take further system load as well as provide balanced resources. In the event of a node becomes malfunction, the remaining hypervisors are able to resume your service immediately.

Cloud Storage Layer

Our rock-solid storage platform, provided by PureIO, is one of the key components in our cloud environment. Real-time data replication, scale-on-demand technology and smart load balancing set us aside from other competitors. Our storage layer runs on top of a distributed storage technology with aggregated bandwidth of over 100Gbps between nodes. Storage nodes are running in active-active mode and communicate within an ultra low-latency network to deliver the best performance and throughput to the hypervisors. Thanks to PureIO providing us the ground-breaking platform.

Cloud Instance Overview

Instance Specifications

Computing Units Cloud-1G Cloud-2G Cloud-4G Cloud-8G Cloud-12G
Pure Cloud Storage 30GB 50GB 100GB 150GB 200GB
vCPU per Instance 2 2 4 8 12
Disk Type Choose from Enterprise Standard or Flash
Bandwidth *1Mbps Shared Pool
Memory - RAM 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 12GB
O/S *NIX, Windows and more!
Weekly Backup FREE! Plus one free recovery request per month.
IP Address Each Cloud Server comes with 1 public IP Address
Control Panel DirectAdmin and cPanel are optional
Monthly Pricing $150 $300 $500 $750 $1,250
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* Bandwidth is capped at 1Mbps for the Cloud-1G service plan.
* We welcome monthly pre-payment (except Cloud-1G service plan).
* For configuration with over 12 CPUs or 12GB Memory, please contact us.

Optional Backup Charges

Computing Units Cloud-1G Cloud-2G Cloud-4G Cloud-8G Cloud-12G
Daily Backup with 7 Days Retention (Monthly Price) $75 $150 $250 $375 $625
Daily Backup with 7 Days Retention (Quarterly Price) $150 $300 $500 $750 $1,250
Your cloud server would be re-configured with an additional network interface to connect to our backup network. The cloud server would require to install a backup agent. Currently the backup agent can run on Windows and Linux.

Add-on Charges

You may purchase additional disk drive to use with your current instance. All pricing below are monthly.
100GB Pure Cloud Storage $300
200GB Pure Cloud Storage $500
DirectAdmin Control Panel $ASK
cPanel Control Panel $ASK
Enhanced Spam Filter (Linux MTA only) $100
Management Service $ASK
Private Network / VLAN $ASK

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